Wiley (Coyote)

Canis latrans


Description: WileyFaceDescription: wileyCoyotes are one of the most successful large mammals to adapt to human interaction. They thrive living off of human rubbish, a dependable food source.  They are about 4 feet long including their tail; they stand as high as 24 inches.  They can weigh from 20-50 pounds.  Their snout is long and slender.  Their eyes are a piercing yellow to amber color.  If left to their own devices, they are great at controlling ground squirrel and rodent populations.  Sadly because of their reputation as a pest, we are only able to rehab a few coyote puppies each season—only as many as we have places to release them.


Wiley was a pet attempt gone wrong.  Hw was confiscated from a family that had him as a young puppy. Once these puppies get accustomed to being around humans, they lose their fear of people—probably their one greatest survival skill.  Feeling comfortable approaching people, especially children, creates a genuine danger for both the coyote and the person.  Wiley has been at Critter Creek for many years and has grown into a strong, beautiful adult.  When the wild coyotes in the surrounding hills start their howling, Wiley quickly joins in, setting off quite a chorus of conversation.