Tahoe (Golden Eagle)

Aquila chysactos


Description: Description: P1000490Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care took in an injured Golden Eagle from Susanville.  Their vet found an old wing injury which made the eagle non-releasable.  Unable to keep the eagle permanently, they set out to find him a home. They transferred the eagle to Critter Creek.  We named him Tahoe.


Golden eagles are the most common eagle in the Central Valley.  Bald eagles also live in the foothills and mountain lakes but are usually just wintering in the area.  Golden eagles are the largest raptor next to the bald eagles.  They are 30-40 inches in length with a 6-7 foot wingspan.  The females can weigh as much as 8-9 pounds.  The golden eagles have feathering all the way down their legs to their toes.  They live in mountainous areas but hunt on the flatlands eating small mammals like rabbits and ground squirrels.  They also eat carrion found on ranches and along roadsides.  These raptors are soaring birds and with wings outstretched, they can “cruise” for miles before flapping their wings.  They have a keen sense of sight, able to see people approaching from miles away.