Ranger (Red Fox)

Vulpes vulpes

Description: ranger1

The Eastern Red Fox is not native to the western United States. It is often mistaken for a gray fox which has reddish brown trim on their sides. A true red fox is easy to identify since it is 14-16 inches tall, is a tawny reddish brown color with a lighter underside, has long legs with black stockings, and sports a vivid white-tipped tail. The red fox is from the East Coast brought in for fur and sport hunting many years ago.  Some escaped and have bred all over the Central Valley.  The Department of Fish and Game prefers the red fox not exist in the Central Valley because of the danger it poses to the native California fox such as the endangered kit fox.


Ranger was found as a young fox in Fresno. Since we are not allowed to release red fox, we made him a companion to Amber, our other permanent red fox in Fox Haven.