Poe (Common raven)

Corvus corax


Description: poeRavens are fairly large birds with long, heavy bills that are bulkier looking compared to the American crow.  Ravens can have shaggy, fluffy feathers near the beak and throat adding to their bulky look.  They have a wedge-shaped tail in flight rather than a fan-shaped tail like crows.  Ravens produce a low, drawn-out guttural croak.  They live in a variety of habitats—foothills, deserts, and other rugged areas.


Poe is the younger of our two ravens.  When he was brought to Critter Creek, we suspected that he had been hit by a car.  He is a poor flier and cannot be released.  He lives with Edgar and the two enjoy rearranging whatever is moveable in their enclosure.  Poe is more approachable, though both are wary of people.