Meekah (Raccoon)

Procyon lotor

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Raccoons are one of the most unusual looking mammals in North America.  They are easily identified by their plump body, ringed tail, and narrow, black face mask with two white patches above the eye. They are found virtually all over the United States, and are allowed as pets in many states; hence, the reason for our permanent residents.  They have a great sense of smell and hearing, but most of all a dexterous sense of feel.  They have a reputation for “washing” their food which probably comes from their preference in the wild to hunt and forage near creeks and streams.  They are very intelligent and mothers pass on many survival techniques to their young.


Meekah was a young raccoon housed at a trailer park near Lake Success.  She was being raised as a pet raccoon which is illegal in California.  The Fish and Game wardens had to confiscate her from her owners. She was then transported to Critter Creek where we hoped to be able to teach her to be wild since she was still pretty young.  Unfortunately the harm had already been done.  While she is getting wilder each week, she still is too attracted to people to be a safe release.