Hamlet (Wild Pig)

†††††††††††††† Sus scrofa

Hamlet is a more recent resident.He was found in the road in Wonder Valley by a family concerned for his safety.With no parent in sight they gathered him up and gave us a call.He still had remnants of his stripes.He was aggressive as a piglet, but now that he has been neutered, he has settled down.

The pigs found in the Sierra Nevada foothills are considered feral pigs introduced around 1925.They forage for food at dawn and at duskócausing considerable damage to yards, fields, orchards, and crops.They have flexible tough snout discs that they use to root-up the earth in search of acorns, tubers, roots and grubs.They are fast runners and good swimmers.Their territory can extend from 5 square miles to 50 square miles.The sow travels with her family usually in a group of six to ten.The males tend to be solitary except during breeding season and are easily identified by their 3 inch to 5 inch upper tusks which are effective in protecting their family.The adults have quite a variation in color ranging from brown to grey to black.The piglets have long stripes that disappear at about two months old.The average life span for a wild pig is 15-25 years.