Dusty (Bobcat)

            Lynx rufus


Bobcats live in a variety of habitats like rocky hills with dense vegetation unlike the lynx which prefers dense forests.  Bobcats are usually found below 8,000 feet.  Bobcats are smaller than a lynx weighing only 15-35 pounds.  They enjoy hunting everything from rabbits, mice even insects.  Their shy, singular lifestyle makes them a rare sight in the wild.


Dusty arrived as a young bobcat several months after being handled by a Good Samaritan for too long.  We tried to reverse the habituation to people.  Over the spring, we were able to successfully release six young bobcats; however, Dusty was not one of them.  He is especially taken with people and will begin purring at the sight of those he recognizes.  He is playful with toys and has little instinct to “kill” them.