Astro and Star (Coyotes)

Canis latrans


Coyotes are one of the most successful large mammals to adapt to human interaction. They thrive living off of human rubbish, a dependable food source.  They are about 4 feet long including their tail; they stand as high as 24 inches.  They can weigh from 20-50 pounds.  Their snout is long and slender.  Their eyes are a piercing yellow to amber color.  If left to their own devices, they are great at controlling ground squirrel and rodent populations.  Sadly because of their reputation as a pest, we are only able to rehab a few coyote puppies each season—only as many as we have places to release them.


Astro and Star, a brother and sister team, were confiscated pets from someone in a small Central Valley community.  As puppies, they were easy to control.  However once they started jumping the six-foot wall to attack the small dogs next door, the complaints to animal control ended the attempt at keeping coyotes as pets.  They both are new to Critter Creek but are enjoying the attention and large exercise enclosure where they can chase each other and practice their stalk and pounce techniques.


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