Albert (American alligator)

Alligator mississippiensis


The American alligator is the largest reptile in North America.  The body coloration is generally black with yellowish or cream cross bands, but with age, the coloration fades.  Alligators when awakened or threatened let out a menacing hiss.  They can grow to almost 20 feet.  They live in fresh or brackish bodies of water.  They naturally occur from the coastal areas of southern North Carolina around Florida and as far as Texas.  Their numbers were much reduced because of the value of their hides.  The young often appear in pet stores in those states where alligators are legal—California is not one of those states.


Albert was brought to Critter Creek by a Fish and Game warden who was called to Madera.  The young alligator was walking along the road by the cemetery when he was discovered by some neighbors.  We were asked by the department to provide the alligator a permanent home.  He has eaten several mice a day and is already looking healthier.  He joins Tick-Tock, our other American alligator in the new enclosure they share.  They have an inside heated area for cold mornings and evenings and a sunny outdoor are with a large pool of water for them to lounge in.